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Welcome to Happy Dog Grooming!

We  are  a professional  pet  grooming salon serving Scarborough and GTA. We have recently moved to a new location at Centerview Plaza which is at the South-East side of  Sheppard Ave East and Brimley Rd intersection.
Our Dog Grooming Service

Our grooming  area  is  large,  bright  and  always  clean  with  modern  professional  equipment  to
provide  high-quality  service.  Our  groomers  are  highly  experienced  certified  all-breed  professionals.
Having their own pets in their homes they know how you love your furry friends. And with the same love our groomers treat your dogs.
                                                         A session with our groomer will ensure that your dog's coat is clean and shiny, no matted and there are no skin issues that can lead to serious problems. Bring your doggie to us and you will notice the difference in your doggie's appearance and behavior right away after our service.
Our goal is to work with you to create a look that suits both your pet and your lifestyle. We know that even with love the grooming procedure might be stressful. That is why all dogs are offered treats, water and breaks. We use a variety of professional products that are all-natural, ph-balanced and environmentally friendly.

One of the most important job of a responsible dog owner is to have your pet properly groomed on a regular basis. Regular  grooming helps to keep your dog's coat  and  skin  not  only  in  top  condition. It also limits  stress  of  grooming.

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